Final Resting Place

SurnameGiven Name Married NameCemetery PhotoGravestone e or Birth/Date DatesCemetery LocationComments
On Headstone
lenandmargeheadstone.jpg18 aug 1920 ~
25 Jan 2014
Section 121, Resurrection Cemetery, 8000 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735
Daughter of Matthew BRESNAHAN & Julia Mae TITUS. Married to Leonard David HARTMAN, Sr.
CAVENDERLucretielucretiecavender22 Dec 1808 ~
26 Aug 1887
Cavender Cemetery South Gaddistown, Union County, Georgia Married to William CAVENDER
CAVENDERWilliamWilliamCavenderHeadstone20 Sep 1806 ~ June 1886Married to Lucretie CAVENDER
On Headstone
14 Dec 1895 ~ 27 Dec 1932Red Bank Cemetery, Red Bank, Hamilton, County, TN Daughter of Jospeh Andrew DAVIS & Mattie Lee Lavada McCLURE. Married to John Philander HARTMAN
On Headstone
SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA25 Feb 1846 – 6 May 1929Married to John M. MCCLURE
HARTMAN, SrLeonard Davidlenandmargeheadstone.jpg15 Jun 1918 ~ 21 Dec 2000Section 121, Resurrection Cemetery, 8000 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735Son of John Lander/Philander HARTMAN & Ethel Amanda DAVIS. Married to Margaret BRESNAHAN
HARTMANMartin LutherHartman Martain Luther Headstone14 Sep 1877 ~ 6 Jan 1954Son Of Jacob HARTMAN & Margaret BEARD
McCLUREJohn M. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA28 Aug 1845 ~ 15 Dec 1919
McCLUREMattie Lee Lavada*DAVIS
On Headstone
Mattie L McClure Davis8 Apr 1874 ~ 3 Mar 1952Daughter of John Marcus McClure & Mary Polly Arminda GURLEY. Married to Joseph Andrew DAVIS.

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